Food in Review

In late 2016, i began chronicling every prime-time meal i ate for my friends on Facebook. It was ostensibly to crowdsource new ideas for dinner recipes. My secret agenda, however, was to create some accountability, because my increasingly poor eating habits were in lock-step with my ballooning weight. But not too much accountability… after all, my Facebook “friends” were largely comprised of random grade school chums and tangentially connected people from the video games industry, to which i no longer belonged. It was a safe place to fail.

A few weeks into the experiment, one of my old school friends recommended an electric pressure cooker called the Instant Pot. After hearing about it from her co-worker, my wife had already pegged it as a good Christmas gift idea. We bought the Pot, and it completely transformed our eating habits (and, gloriously, my weight!)

These are the voyages of the Starship Don’t-Be-Such-a-Fatass, in reverse chronological order.