i remain, as ever, a sucker for jokey hashtag games on Twitter. They remind me of an improv game i used to play in high school, where the team would hide behind a stacked pile of risers and the audience would name a theme – say, “space”. From there, you had to pop out from behind the risers, either alone or with one or more hastily-assembled team members who just have to go along with it, and improvise a scene based on the theme.

The hashtag game making the rounds on Twitter today, courtesy of the Comedy Central gameshow thing @midnight, was #makeAMovieCanadian. Here’s my entry:

It’s amazing how lazy and unoriginal a joke (like mine) can seem when you pore over thousands of tweets and see how many other people came up with the same thing. Not to get too meta on you, but that goes double for what i just said:

Anyway, here are some of my favourite picks from around the Twitterverse for #makeAMovieCanadian:

Although there are a lot of repeats and weak entries, the hashtag is still raging on Twitter with no sign of slowing down. Give it a shot on Twitter, or share your favourites in the comments.