Man on the telly
had a huge belly
was playing Prince Charming in “Fat Cinderelly”
He ate up the pumpkins
he ate up the shoe
and as for the girl?
Heck, he ate her up too.

Man in the movie
drove an essUvee
drank Coke and sported an Old Navy crew-v
The audience asked for their money back
for the two-hour ad that they just couldn’t hack

Man in a poncho
was the head honcho
At Quaker, where they make the Capitain Croncho
And various knock-off breakfast foods
like Special F, GrapeNips and Frosted Froot Dudes.

Man on a leopard, he
was in great jeopardy
Left the chief’s sandwich all spicy and peppered. He
tore through the town
on his quick, spotted steed
never to sate the chief’s hoagie needs.