So today IS my actual birthday, and unlike most other years, it came in like a lion and went out like a lion – no lambs in sight whatsoever. And if there were any lambs, the two lions would’ve eaten them pretty hard and spat out the bones into the shape of a third lion, who would just completely rule because skeleton lions are awe-SUMMM! That is to say, my birthday completely ruled.

Another extravagant gift was tossed onto the pile – an XBox, which was a thank-you gesture from some people at work for doing double duty on a project that went awry. Pretty stinking nice. My wife had faked me out a week ago when i told her i really hoped i was getting a particular board game from her for my birthday, and she told me it wasn’t in the cards so i should just go to the games store and buy it. Nice bluff! Except that i was actually about to buy it, because i really desperately wanted it … ! But lo and behold, this morning i tore the shiny purple paper off a nicely-wrapped copy of the game. Good tidings, great joy.

The plan was to host the weekly games night that’s usually held in the board room at the office at my place instead, but those dreams fizzled when my wife took ill with the ickies. It’s just as well – i could tell my co-workers weren’t all that keen on trekking up to my place after a long day, but that they were just humoring me (or they really wanted the slice of cake i promised), but the thought that they’d go that extra mile really touched me. The way we left it, i brought the cake that my wife so graciously picked up the night before (despite her illness) down to the office and left it in the fridge. When i reached my desk, i saw that diablette (AKA dirtygirl) had gifted me my favourite muffin, banana chocolate chip. Things could barely get better. … until another co-worker came in and handed me an inter-office envelope with a Coen Bros. DVD in it. More presents! i could positively explode.

When the whistle blew at the end of the day, we (including wandabun) played a round of Uno and then ordered pizza. We all had cake, despite overdoing it on the pizza, and then settled in for our first game of Tigris and Euphrates, the game my wife picked up for me. It took half an hour for me to reiterate the rules (which i had secretly studied while i was supposed to be working), and by 7:30, we were off and running! Well – crawling, really … these complex German strategy board games are long when everyone knows the rules, and even longer when it’s your first shot at it. By quarter to ten, we finally drew the last tiles from the bag and tallied up the score. Three of us had scored 8 points, while our incredibly intuitive gamer friend slaughtered us with EIGHTEEEEEEN points, a gigantic lead. Crushing! But fun.

There’s no way i could’ve imagined a better birthday than if i drank virgin pina coladas while cheerleaders massaged my bum all day. i am blessed beyond belief, and am now charged with spreading that love to others around me throughout the rest of the year.

Um … tomorrow. i’ll start tomorrow.