Ryan Henson Creighton has been called a creative force of nature. To date, his career has encompassed writing, puzzle design, video game development, theatre, stand-up comedy, marketing, and advertising. A TEDxToronto speaker and author of Unity 4.x Game Development by Example (3rd edition), Ryan is prolific and outspoken, with an uncanny knack for teaching anything to anyone, by blending humour and storytelling with contagious passion.

Narrative Director / Puzzle Master/ Writer - The Mysterious Package Company
  • Designed crossword, logic, and lateral thinking puzzles in a complex and intricately woven ARG (Augmented Reality Game) for a subscription newspaper product
  • Wrote and researched articles and pieces of historical fiction about esoteric topics, mythology, folkore, and the occult
  • Proofed and copy edited articles and stories
President and Creative Director - LockQuest Inc.
  • Designed, launched, and hosted a live escape room entertainment company in midtown Toronto
  • Hired, trained, and managed host staff
  • Developed and marketed an exciting new entertainment brand from scratch
President - Untold Entertainment Inc.
  • Launched and ran a boutique video game studio in downtown Toronto
  • Designed, programmed, animated, and scored interactive video games and educational entertainment primarily for children’s broadcasters and television production companies
  • Hired, managed, and trained staff
  • Facilitated a popular internship program to help industry hopefuls bridge the gap between postsecondary education and the workforce
  • Spoke at numerous industry conferences, including the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and Casual Connect in Seattle
  • Developed and marketed a new interactive service company brand from scratch, growing the website to a PageRank 4 through a well-regarded blog
Senior Game Developer - Corus Entertainment
  • Designed, programmed, animated, foleyed, voice acted, and scored over fifty video games for a variety of Corus properties including YTV, W (the Women’s Network) and Country Music Television
  • Wrote and performed in on-air television segments promoting different technology companies including Nintendo, Microsoft, and LeapFrog
  • Wrote use cases and game design documentation for a $2MM budget kids’ virtual world suite