My first sci fi short story, ‘Hill,’ is soon to be published in Nevertheless, a collection of speculative fiction with an optimistic bent.

A pink butterfly nestles within a crowd of blue butterflies on the cover of the pink-titled Nevertheless (Tesseracts Twenty-One) book

Here’s an excerpt from my story:

Stopping for a moment to catch her breath, Teth shielded her eyes against the glaring midday sun. The mountain, which in truth was more like an enormous hill, rose sharply ahead of her. The path was crowded with the snarling vestiges of long-uprooted trees and miniature rockslides of egg-sized pebbles. With each step, the unfriendly terrain threatened to trip her and send her body and the barrel crashing down the mountainside. If the barrel burst, all of Teth’s hard work would be undone. Even more, it would enrage the thirsty Lord Rahg, who would unleash his anger on her village, just as he had that very morning.

But, thought Teth, everything was going to get better.

As part of the marketing strategy for the book, fellow author Stephen Geigen-Miller interviewed me about how it felt now that i’ve “made it.” i was entirely unaware that i had made it, and responded accordingly.

Here’s the full interview on Stephen’s site.

Nevertheless (Tesseracts Twenty-One) is now available for pre-order.