I’m sleepy now
I’ll go to bed
and watch the dancers
in my head

who dance the kickline
in a row
Oh, how I love them
…hold it – Joe!

What are you doing
there in my mind
lifting your skirt
to expose your behind?

Get away from those dancers
and take off that tutu
The beautiful ladies
can’t dance there with you, too – WOAH!

Put it back on!
We don’t want to see that –
those bare cheeks… those hair cheeks
those globules of gross fat

You need to get thinner
You need to get shaven
You need to get out
of my perfect dream haven

Your leopard-sin G-string
offends me a lot
…the ladies don’t know it
They all think you’re hot

They scream with delight
and stuff cash down your drawers
while you gyrate and pulsate
– they’re screaming for more

Enough of this, Joe
This is making me sick
and I have no intention
of seeing your

thick-headed exploits continue
just one minute longer

Present-Day Ryan Says…

It’s too bad i didn’t finish this one. i probably got hung up trying to rhyme “longer” with “schlong-er.”